The name "Blue Toque" represents the two major institutions

that are instrumental in Anne’s (Blue Toque creator) formation as a pastry artist.

"Blue" symbolizes her Ateneo degree and

the "Toque" (chef's hat) represents her culinary know-how,

she being a multi-awarded graduate of ISCAHM.


Blue Toque offers a variety of premium home-baked quality desserts with a professional touch. Unlike other mass-produced desserts in the market, our goal is to provide you with quality desserts.


We only use natural ingredients, sans artificial preservatives. Everything is made from scratch- no shortcuts. It is part of our pledge to use only the finest quality ingredients, not to substitute, and definitely not to skimp on ingredients. We prioritize quality over quantity.

You get what you pay for… and maybe more!



* Ultimate Taste Test 8 winner, Overall Winner (dessert category).
* Foodgasm, Overall Champion.
* Foodgasm, Expert's Favorite.
* Ultimate Taste Test 10 winner, Top 5.

* Alaska Cremas Festival, 1st Place.



We don't just copy desserts, we create!

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